We offer complex solutions and products for Cleaning:

Complex solution "Maintenance of buildings and premises"

  • Cleaning of premises
  • Cleaning of roofs and facades
  • Maintenance of recreation areas
  • Sanitation
  • Specialized surface cleaning
  • Carpet service
  • Provision of consumables for sanitary zones

Complex solution "Territory maintenance"

  • Territory cleaning
  • Lawn care and upkeep of gardens

Complex solution "Snow, garbage and waste removal"

  • Snow and garbage removal
  • Waste compaction and sorting

Complex solution "Dry-cleaner and laundry"я

  • Dry-cleaner
  • Laundry


We offer the following ways for staff catering:

  • corporate cafe
  • corporate canteen
  • corporate restaurant
  • coffee house
  • lunch counter
  • delivery of meals
  • EventCatering

We create corporate canteens from scratch and optimize the existing catering combines.

Our catering enterprises can guarantee:

  • careful selection of personnel
  • sanitary safety
  • prompt service
  • individual menu development and its regular renewal
  • inclusion of dietetic and lenten meals
  • cozy atmosphere at the hall
  • variety in serving dishes (organization of National cuisine days)
  • calculation of caloric value of dishes


We provide a Customer with:

  • staff for catering enterprises
  • managerial workers
  • staff for housekeeping services

As part of outstaffing service we are ready to:

  • hire Customer's employee on a full-time basis in KluehRus and formalize employment relations with such employee
  • observe all procedures for staff records management, norms of labor and tax legislation
  • resolve disputed issues and conflicts

Technical maintenance

Provision of the service includes two blocks of works:

  • Maintenance of ventilation and conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of electrical power supply systems
  • Maintenance of gas-handling facility
  • Maintenance of water-supply system and sewage facilities
  • Maintenance of fire protection systems
  • Maintenance of low current systems
  • Maintenance of lifts
  • Maintenance and use of automatic gates, doors and roadway gates Technical consulting

Technical consulting

  • Preparation of documents, which are in compliance with legislative acts
  • Representation of interests in controlling bodies
  • Collaboration with project and construction organizations
  • Performance of functions of Customer's service
  • Audit of the existing object management system
  • Reduction of object maintenance costs

Vehicle fleet management

We offer you the following types of cooperation on vehicle fleet management:

  • Provision of a vehicle with crew on a long-term basis
  • Car hire
  • Corporate cabs
  • Operational leasing

We manage motor vehicles of four types:

  • Motor cars
  • Passenger transport
  • Freight transport
  • Utility vehicles

Service of corporate vehicle fleet management includes:

  • purchase or rent of cars (if necessary, its renewal)
  • hiring of drivers on a full-time basis by KluehRus
  • registration of a vehicle, organization of passing a technical inspection
  • payment of all taxes and duties
  • insurance of vehicles
  • conduct of regulatory technical inspections during the whole period of car operation