Professional cleaning

Maintenance of buildings and premises

  • Cleaning of premises
  • The roof cleaning and facade washing
  • Care of recreation areas
  • Sanitization and specialized surface cleaning
  • Специализированная уборка поверхностей
  • Carpet service
  • Provision of consumables for sanitary zones

Territory Maintenance

  • Outdoor cleaning
  • Service of lawns and green spaces

Technical operations of

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Power supply system
  • Water supply and sewerage systems
  • Fire safety system
  • Low current systems
  • Gas facilities
  • Elevators
  • Maintenance and operation of automatic gates, doors and barriers

Technical consulting

  • Preparation of documentation corresponding to legislative acts
  • Representation of interests in regulatory authorities
  • Interaction with design and construction organizations
  • Performing the Customer Service function
  • Conducting an audit of the existing object management system
  • Optimization of maintenance expenditures
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